(1) Payment for products shall be made in Saudi Riyals.

(2) The customer must review the prices of the products and make a final decision regarding the purchase process before making the payment, and the customer knows and agrees that these prices are final.

(3) The customer is obligated to pay the prices of the products that he decided to purchase through the store using the payment methods approved by us.

(4) Our approved payment methods: The customer can pay for the products in one of the following ways:

Payment "cash" upon delivery. and Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Stcpay, Mada.
Electronic payment through electronic payment methods available through the store or our electronic applications.
(5) The store does not accept responsibility for any errors in the payment process made by the customer, and the store is not responsible for any piracy or fraud that occurs on the customer's credit cards or bank accounts.

(6) The customer shall bear all bank charges related to money transfers or payment for products.

(7) Amounts paid by the customer to the store are final and may not be modified by increase or decrease and may not be recovered except with the approval of the store.

(8) The customer shall bear all government fees and taxes related to his use of the store or his entry into electronic sales, including all taxes imposed on products and value added tax.


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